Sunday, October 17, 2010

[4.0.1] The Cataclysm is Coming!

The first of the Cataclysm patches has arrived. This one brings out the UI and character changes. Some quick and dirty bits for my 80s:

Kinuye (Draenei Shaman)

Restoration: 3/2/31
-Focused Insight: +30% to heal after a shock.
-Telluric Currents: Mana return from a Lightning Bolt.
Gems: Int, Spirit, Haste
Reforge: Mastery, Crit, Haste

Enhancement: 5/31/0
-Improved Lava Lash + Glyph of Lava Lash: 300% damage + 20% per Searing Flames stack.
Gems: Agi, Haste
Reforge: 17% Spell Hit, 17 Expertise, Mastery

Keve (Gnome Rogue)
Gnome: +3 expertise Sword/Daggers

Combat: 5/31/0
-Improved Recuperate, Reinforced Leather: Increased survivability for solo play
Gems: Agi
Reforge: 11% Spell Hit, 23 Expertise, Mastery

Assassination: 31/3/2
-Deadly Poison 1:  50% chance to cripple with instant poison.
Gems: Agi
Reforge: 11% Spell Hit, 23 Expertise, Mastery

Radakast (Human Paladin)
Human: +3 expertise Sword/Mace

Protection: 3/31/2
-Guarded By the Light 1: Added for Word of Glory to apply Holy Shield
-Eternal Glory 1: 15% for Word of Glory not to consume holy power.
Gems: Str, Sta
Reforge: 13 Expertise, Mastery

Retribution: 3/2/31
-Art of War + Glyph of Exorcism: 240% Exorcism damage.
Gems: Str
Reforge: 8% Hit, 13 Expertise, Mastery

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