Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smite Levelling

With the new patch I decided to start levelling my priest again. After considering LFD and the new talents, I chose disc and have mapped out to level 31. After trying out the build in a few randoms I've found that there's no probelms at all with mana and I spend most of my time casting smite.

-Enlightenment +15% Int
-Meditation: 50% spirit regen in combat

Twin Disciplines 3: +6% damage/healing.
Mental Agility 3: 10% off mana for instant spells (PW:S, Renew)
Evangelism 2:  Smite and Penance 20% more damage; 30% off Mana.
Archangel: 3% Total mana returned and +3/6/9/12/15% healing when needed.
Free point (Improved PW:S)
Atonement 2: Heal while Smiting.

Glyph of Power Word: Shield or Penance
Glyph of Divine Accuracy: 100% hit for Smite

Smite: Cast to 5 stacks and maintain for DPS mode.
-Archangel: Consume Evangelism stacks for mana, healing boost or because it's going to drop anyways.
Penance: Use on cooldown and Evangelism has 5+ seconds remaining.

PW:S+Renew: Absorb 332 Heal 66 HoT 440/12sec before spellpower

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